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In-home lactation consultations
IBCLC on-call subscription
Insurance Billing

These are 90-minute visits (initial) provided in the days, weeks, or sometimes ongoing for months after your baby is born. I will help you and your baby settle in and provide you with the support you may need to reduce the anxiety that can come with feeding a new baby. You'll learn the signs to feel confident as your journey into motherhood continues, and reach your goals. Follow up by phone or email is included.

15-  or 25-minute phone consultations are also available for a small fee, and are not covered by insurance. These are best for questions about going back to work, weaning, building supply, etc. They are not advisable as an initial visit.

This is for established clients only.

With each visit, you'll receive one week of follow-up via text message/email support. At the conclusion of the week, you can keep in constant contact by keeping me on retainer with a weekly contact subscription plan.

This is a recurring plan and can be cancelled at anytime.

I am currently in-network with Aetna and Independence Blue Cross insurances, which usually provide lactation home visits with no co-pay. As for other insurance plans, I can furnish a superbill for you to submit for possible reimbursement. All health plans are now required to offer lactation coverage as per the Affordable Care Act, but some plans are grandfathered, and may not offer the benefit. Please check with your insurance (including those listed above), for your specific plan coverage. If your insurance does not cover the fee, you will be responsible.

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